El Salvador 2014

Thrive: Women’s Day 2014


8-8:45am: Coffee, Tea, Pastries, Sign in and Fellowship
8:45-9:15am: Worship and Praise led by Rebecca Thompson
9:15-9:25am: Skit: “The Exercise Parable”

9:30-10am: “Thriving as Women”- Glorimar Rivera
10-10:15am: “Thriving in your 20′s”- Kim Bonner
10:20-10:35am: “Thriving in your 30′s and 40′s” – Simone Bell
10:40-10:55am: “Thriving in your 50′s and beyond” – Connie Beene

11-11:45am Break out session 1

Class #1 Thriving Spiritually- Kelly Shirley and Cheryll Barker
Class #2 Thriving Physically- Aster Phipps and Alese Vance
Class #3 Thriving Emotionally- Maria Otto and Nicole Kokozakis

12-1 Lunch

1-1:45pm: Session 2 (same classes from session 1)
1:45pm: Closing

2pm: Fitness and Fun
Aqua Aerobics- Diana Sutton
Strong is Beautiful Cardio Class- Aster Phipps